About Us

Established in 2013, Ivory Graft Ltd. is an Israeli medical device company focused on developing and manufacturing safe and efficient dentin graft materials for the repair or augmentation of bone defects.
Ivory Graft has designed and developed a novel bone replacement biomaterial. The active organic matrix of Ivory Dentin Graft™ allows progressive bone graft resorption for rehabilitation and regeneration (GBR), in preparation for dental implant placement.
Ivory Dentin Graft is sourced from porcine teeth obtained from health-controlled animals with a strictly controlled process that eliminates potential infectious agents. Our dentin graft substitute retains the natural dentin form as well as the natural protein matrix, important for regeneration.

Ivory Graft continues clinical and scientific based research and development with dentin graft materials, for further dental products, orthopedics and additional medical fields.

Our production site is under strict supervision and in compliance with all relevant international quality standards and is regularly inspected by  international and local agencies.
All our team members have extensive experience in the Medical Device industry, and are dedicated to understanding our customers’ needs.
We share your passion for excellence, innovation and quality in periodontics, oral surgery and implantology. We strive to support our clinicians, patients and business partners to achieve the best clinical and esthetic outcomes.

Mr. Yaron Itzhari

Previously CEO of Medtronic Israel, founder of the Israeli MedTech Association, CEO and the Chairmen of the Board. Finance Manager Pfier Israel. CPA, MBA, MA in law

Mr. Eyal Miller

Senior Manager with more than 25 years within Medical Device arena. held executives' positions as GM at Nucleix, CEO at Common Sense, a highly innovative Medical Device within Gynecology area ( led the company to buyout under his regime) and Head of Healthcare Division at SSYS (Nasdaq)

Dr. Lari Sapoznikov

Basal Implantology specialist with more than 30 years in private clinic in Tel‐Aviv. Inventor of the concept using extracted tooth as grafting material for bone defects in the jaws- application in Dentistry by Smart Dentin Grinder kit and chair-side procedure which was awarded first prize in IDF Paris for most innovative product 2014

Mr. Meir Sahar

Owner and General Manager of a chain of CT scan centers in Israel, UK and Hong-Kong

Ms. Liya Greenberg

QA/RA Director
M.Sc., with 15 years QA experience in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries

Dr. G.M Stern

Scientific Advisor

Prof. Gerard Scortecci

Scientific Advisor

Ms. Samantha J. Talpir

VP Marketing
25 years of international marketing experience. Specializes in early stage medical device startups

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