Features and benefits


Our specially designed manufacturing process assures all our products are clean from any pathogen agents. All biocompatibility testing conducted on Ivory Dentin Graft™ has concluded it can be regarded as safe. The final sterility of Ivory Dentin Graft is ensured by gamma irradiation.

Early bone remodeling Osteoconductivity / Structure / adhesion / integration/ cells/ blood vessels

Ivory Graft’s xenograft is derived from natural porcine dentin. Our manufacturing process preserves the active organic content of the naturally sourced dentin. It has been clinically proven that Ivory Dentin Graft™ has superior* new bone formation, superior bone-graft material integration and faster generation of dense bone at the alveolar jaw bone – the natural process of ankylosis.

*Superior to comparator porcine-sourced xenograft.

Tissue regeneration and integration

Ivory Dentin Graft™ promotes new bone formation as well as promoting good integration between the host-bone and graft material. These two features are important for tissue regeneration and integration that follow tooth extraction and grafting, and facilitate osteogenic activity. The main principle and feature of dentin as a graft is creating ankylosis.

Easy handling and modeling

Ivory Dentin Graft™ particles are stored as dried un-compacted granules. Ivory Dentin Graft™ allows easy and comfortable packing within the alveolar space following hydration of the graft. 
Ivory Dentin Graft comes in both vials and syringes, facilitating clinician’s preferred method of use. 

Long term reliability

Ivory Dentin Graft™ forms intimate contact (strong fusion) with the host bone tissue and thus supports long-term implant stability and allows superior mechanical strength.

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